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On any Active Iceland journey, we enhance the experience with a home-hosted meal and occasionally a homestay, tapping in to that famed Icelandic hospitality bred from centuries of reliance on the generosity of the human spirit needed to survive a hostile natural environment.  Expect to sample delicacies such as kæstur hákarl – traditionally cured putrid shark – with a shot of Brennivin, the local fire water.   Culinary Iceland is not all about rams testicles and boiled sheep’s heads, however, with chic and trendy Reykjavik in particular experiencing a foodie revolution and a number of great fine dining restaurants, boutique craft brewers and distilleries produce some fine cuisine, wonderful local beers and unique Icelandic gin, vodka & schnapps  - with food and wine being an integral part of any Active Iceland experience, your body can be sure to be fuelled well for the next adventure..

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